PermaColor Quartz

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May 3, 2019
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May 3, 2019

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PermacolorQuartz is an excellent option for any room due to it’s life span, decorative capabilities and customization. Compared to other flooring options, PermacolorQuartz features low cost maintenance, anti-slip properties, excellent reflectivity and boast an impressive number of standard colors in both Broadcast and Trowel Grades.

Our State of the Art Facility Can meet any need:

  • Custom Colors and Blends are matched to customer specifications
  • Delivery to your Business, Jobsite or Customer
  • A myriad of design combinations that allow limitless creativity
  • The ability to meet critical construction deadlines

Available in various grades and sizes. Grades include:

  • Broadcast Medium – a spherical quartz ideal for broadcast applications
  • Trowel-Rite – an angular quartz ideal for trowel applications
  • Super Trowel-Rite – a larger version of Trowel-Rite, also ideal for trowel applications.

HP PermacolorQuartz is available in the same grades and colors as standard PermacolorQuartz. Hp Quartz Granules have a greater ultraviolet and chemical resistance making HP PermacolorQuartz ideal for outdoor and industrial applications.